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(no subject)

Jun. 30th, 2006 | 06:36 pm

What's up kids?

I'm writing from work. Diedrich gave me the old job back pretty quickly and I'm a week into it. I haven't had a day off yet, but I suppose it is what I wanted. The day has been pretty slow and that's a good thing.


I couldn't sleep worth a damn last night. It was too hot. And you ever go to sleep knowing you have to wake up in two hours? No you don't. Because you can't. At seven I was supposed to meet Nick to go watch the German team play Argentina at some German bar he knows about. I managed to get there even though my body didn't want to work. It's tough to keep your eyes open at that point as well. That's no good for driving. The traffic wasn't so bad though and no one almost died. I was pretty stoked to see the bar. It's in this little Europetown-esque shopping center somewhere in Huntington Beach. The crowd was mellow at first since the game had just started and everyone was eating breakfast (best I've had in weeks). This was also the earliest I've ever started drinking. Nick bought the first round of Warsteiner dark. It goes for seven bucks a hit but it comes in those giant pilsner glasses so it's like a beer and a half. And what a beer. Smooth, that good flavor you get from beer that doesn't suck, it was killer.

The game was a defensive match. No one could really get the upper hand. It took Argentina four minutes into the second half to score, and Germany didn't come back until 10 minutes before the end. The place errupted when Germany scored. Some dude at the bar bought me another beer because he said that I was drinking one when Germany scored that goal. Thanks buddy. It was a pretty goal, too. About half the people in the place were native Germans, so the heckling was in heavy accents. That's cool. Wish I had an accent. Anyway. The game went into overtime; two fifteen minute rounds where neither team scored. It ended in a shootout with Germany finally getting the upper hand when they made four straight shots and their keeper blocked two. Man, you've never seen a place go up like that. I've never been hugged by so many strangers. The dude who bought me the beer also knew Nick from before and bought each of us, and a few of his other friends, a shot of some liquor I'd never seen before. It came in a tiny glass bottle wrapped in paper so yo uhad to open it like a champagne bottle and pull off the plastic top before chugging the ounce and a half. It's tough because it sits in your mouth while you're drinking it. It tasted like Jagermeister for real Germans. It had the black licorice taste but the alcohol content could knock anyone on their ass. Except the germans. On the bottle it said, "To stay awake and alert!" And that it did. Like smelling salts. We talked to the guy who bought for a little while after, seeing how he was a friend of Nick's, and now me I'm told. Except he said that he doesn't like lawyers. Oh well. He and Nick both said I had to be there on Tuesday when Germany plays again, and I'd love to but I'm doing something way better. Sorry Deutchland, I'm there with you in spirit.

So I went home and was exhausted. The whole not sleeping hit me hard. Post drinking along with no sleep makes you pretty tired. But my dad needed me to do some financial aid thing on a computer, and he's not so great with those big computer boxes. I would have had an hour to sleep but he wanted to go to lunch and I can't say no to a free lunch. Work was slow to start but it's good now. It's about seven, my co-workers are good. It's incredibly slow, just two customers since I started writing this. I'll set up the laptop on the counter so I can watch the Dodger game online while I work. Brad Penny is pitching and I think he's out for blood tonight. The rookies (Ethier, Martin, Kemp) are going to have great nights, I can tell already.

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(no subject)

May. 22nd, 2006 | 01:50 pm

Dodgers swept the Angels this weekend, outscoring them 32-7 over three games. The rookies contributed even more than the all-stars. Andre Ethier, expected maybe to get a hit every now and then until Jose Cruz Jr. could play, went 5-5 on Saturday and a home run on sunday. That's not to say Drew, Kent, Lofton and all the rest didn't contribute. Their support allowed the rookies to relax and play the game. No pressure on them like last year. No talk of 'living up to potential.' That's the language of a losing team. The Dodgers are winning this year. If we beat the Rockies tonight, we'll be the sole possessor of First place in the NL West. In a few months we'll be ready to take on the Mets, Cardinals and Astros in the playoffs.

"We're the Fucking Dodgers."
--Eric Gagne

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(no subject)

May. 14th, 2006 | 08:25 pm

Man, there ain't no days in Syracuse like this. I woke up early for tennis after I slept through mass and went to lift afterward. After a segue through the safeway, I got to the beach. Cowell beach is fantastic, although the seaweed gets a little heavy. My shoulders burned a bit but that's not so bad considering how pale my body was. I hung out with some people on lower quad for an hour or so as well. Good kids. Dinner at Pizza my Heart, which is way too expensive but I think you pay for the experience. Like, hey kids it's santa cruz! Oh well, still good.

No there wasn't much work done. Fortunately, there's not much work to be done right now. I've got a short paper due friday but that's it. I've got to go to pol 104 section more regularly from now on. No problem. Lecture schedule has to be a little more strict, but that's easy when the mornings are so nice.

The dodgers won today. That's 2 out of 3 on the series with the Giants. Bonds never hit a home run off of us. I was afraid I'd see a dodger pitcher on a highlight reel giving up the Ruth record-tying home run to that steroid monkey. Offense is coming along, Jeff Kent is coming back into form. Nomar is fantasic. JD Drew is clutch and Furcal is finally starting to hit.

So what else is there to say? Tomorrow, monday, should be just fine. I've got some reading to do but it's nothing too difficult. There's no more reading for the seminar that isn't by the professor. We're getting topics for the 25-page essays on thursday so I can finally realize exactly what I have to do for that freakin' class. So that'll be great.

Oh yeah, it's mother's day. I should call my ma. Call your mom, too.

Love and kisses,

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Financial aid and spring time

May. 12th, 2006 | 04:56 pm

Hey kids,

The good news is that I can get all of my student loans through a single government program. Unfortunately the interest rate is 6.5 but what are you gonna do? Oh yeah, the town is great. They've rebuilt the downtown so it's way less ghetto-y then it used to be. The buildings have been cleaned up and the shops went from low-rent to high class bars and restaurants. Of course the area around the University(s) is great, but it's also run over with kids, so what's the worst that could happen? I have an apartment leased. It's a big two bedroom on the seventh floor with 1 and a half baths. Although I still don't have a roommate, I'm relatively sure that I'll find someone as soon as I start looking. My building is the second most popular amongst grad/professional students so I'm not worried.

It turns out I have classes. Who would've thought? After the midterm essays I sort of checked out. I missed some class but I'm back into it now. At least I say I am. All I need to do is pass, like I always say. I never missed a beat in the seminar so I'm okay there. THe professor is giving us the essay questions thankfully, meaning I won't have to come up with some abstract conecpt on my own. I wouldn't mind it, but it has to be 25 pages. Now as a poli sci major, I can bullshit with the best of 'em, but for 25 pages it gets a little tricky.

Spring is finally here to stay it seems. There hasn't been a bad day in two weeks that I've been here for. God bless Cowell. The weekend should be good, even though I have no money and not a whole lot to do. Anyone up for free hanging out should call.

So that's it! The Dodgers are in 'frisco for the weekend. Hate the Giants. It's cool. Brad Penny will keep us winning.

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(no subject)

May. 8th, 2006 | 03:40 pm

"The day you're not trying to get better is the day to go home."
--Roger Clemens

Dodgers swept the Brewers. Go Dodgers.

Syracuse was great. It's gonna be an awesome three years. Write more later.

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Dodgers win!

Apr. 24th, 2006 | 08:08 pm


No class on monday. Monday's kick ass. It wasn't so nice as I would have liked, but it didn't rain in the afternoon either, so no complaining. Oh, I got officially rejected from USD today. Suck it, USD. Aww yeah, Syracuse. Kickin it on the east side.

Other than that, nothing all so remarkable. I've been using up most of my good lj material on letters to people across the state. I just hope your jealousy doesn't keep you up at night.

My only task left for today is to read about 20 pages in this book about St. Paul and Judaism (jewishness?). It's not difficult, but it is tedious. It's a recent book by a UC author so it has a whole lot of jargon that's utterly meaningless to anyone who isn't "postmodern," whatever the hell that is. God forbid I use the indefinite "he" instead of "she." Fucking feminism. You suck it too, feminism; especially the radical kind. Stop pretending like you're a victim. Be a man.

The Dodgers are looking pretty good this year. Jeff Kent's off to a rocky start, but the rest is really doing well. As long as Lowe and Penny stay healthy, Perez keeps the ERA under 4.00, and Seo and Tomko pick it up for some quality starts, we're gonna be competing for the NL west title. Oh yeah, we won today. Nomar (NOMMMAAHHH!!) hit a grand slam in the ninth to win it. Derek Lowe was spectacular.

Work out thing.

No reason for me to keep putting the stats and box scores. Basically, I did more delt work today. The pecs are being stubborn, but I'll add a machine to the routine next time to see if I can jump start it.

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(no subject)

Apr. 23rd, 2006 | 07:09 pm

Hey hey hey,

Weather sucks. What's up with that? I mean, it's not bad, but it's just so much better when you can actually see the sun. There's no wind and it's not very cold, so I shouldn't be complaining. Ignore this paragraph.

Mass was good; First communion for some six girls. It's adoreable. Although it makes the celebrant look even nerdier than he is. No one can look smooth when talking to kids in front of a room full of people.

What else is going on? School has been going much better than I give it credit for. There are some essays I have to write this week so I don't have to do it after Convention this weekend. One five-pager for Schaar's class. I'll have to write something about puritans for that, I imagine. The Seth essay is going to be on the conception of the state. I get to compare and contrast Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau. The more I read, the more I realize that Rousseau is out of his mind, Locke ain't as bad as I thought, Hobbes is downright cool and, well, Machiavelli has always been one hell of a guy. It's political theory candy.

Gyming today. Bicep and lats.

Sitting bicep curl: 5plates (10 reps), 6plates (10 reps)
Lat pull-down: 10plates (10 reps), 10plates (10 reps)
lower-back sit-up: no weight (15 reps), 10lbs (9 reps)
standing bicep curl: 60lbs (10 reps), 60lbs (10 reps)
*Ab machine: 9plates (16 reps), 9plates (30 reps)
Sitting bicep curl: 6plates (9 reps), 6plates (6 reps)

Notes: Try the 70lb bar for standing bicep curl. Add another lat exercise with free weights. Two straight days of protein supplement, already seeing some improvement.
*Don't do ab machine after bicep exercise, use incline bench on those days instead.

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Like there's ever a theme happening here

Apr. 22nd, 2006 | 06:22 pm

So Syracuse is official. Beyond just sending in the $200 deposit, USD is likely rejecting me. My dad got a "small" letter in the mail from them. He refuses to open it because he refuses to open anything addressed to me even if I tell him explicitly to do otherwise. That's cool. I'll get it up here on monday and it'll be done and over with. I wasn't likely to get in anyway, so it's no big deal.

I've been talking to three or four incoming first-year law kids about houses. We want to get a big house with four or five bedrooms, but in all honesty it'll probably be one of the nice apartment complexes with three bedrooms. If we can score four bedrooms, I'm amped. Either way. But most of them are visiting the campus this weekend, so I'll know alot more by monday. Monday's a big day.

And yes, I'll be in Syracuse from May 4 to May 7. If you can give me a ride up to San Jose Airport at 6:00am, you're rad. Otherwise I'll suck it up and pay the thirty bucks to long-term it.

I've decided to make this a lifting log so I remember to write substantial stuff in here more often.

Today was triceps and pecs day.

Bench press: 150lbs (10 reps), 155lbs, (6 reps), 155lbs (6 reps)
Ab crunch machine: 9plates (30 reps), 9plates (22 reps), 9plates (20 reps)
Military Press machine: 12plates (10 reps), 12plates (8 reps)
Shrugs: 90lbs (15 reps), 90lbs (12 reps), 90lbs (12 reps)
Top forearm curl: 2 sets each arm 15lbs as much as I could do
Downward inner-tricep ext: 6plates (10 reps), 6.5plates (10 reps), 7plates (9 reps)
Obliques: 2 sets each side 45lbs (10 reps)
Downward outer-tricep ext: 7plates (10 reps), 7.5plates (7 reps)

For next time --- Focus more on deltoids. Do something other than military press. Try freeweights.

Oh, I just got mlb.tv so I can watch any baseball game in the country live on my computer. This means every dodger game. Go Dodgers.

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(no subject)

Apr. 13th, 2006 | 10:23 am


Midgets dude, midgets.

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You think you're gonna go one way, and it ends up way out there somewhere else.

Apr. 1st, 2006 | 03:23 am

You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize something: My sister's kind of a bitch. And I'm not the only one. Your sister also may be a bitch. I don't know your sister so I can't say. But there's one incident in particular that made me say that. There's been a whole line of things that can go to prove my point besides that. I see her this morning for the first time since getting into Syracuse and she says to me, "Good, maybe you'll finally have to work for once." No one was kidding. She has this bitchy sense of entitlement, like she's faught tooth and nail for everything she has so she gets to shit on everyone else's fortune. It's not just me. She refuses to be happy for anyone. You know these kinds of people. You know what they do? End up working in offices. What does Ashley do, you ask? Works in an office being a glorified secretary. I bet a thousand dollars that she keeps the office supply cabinet key locked in her desk so no one can have pens.

In keeping with the current theme, I just saw V for Vendetta. Ohhh man it's so unbelieveably awful. All political things aside, it's just so terrible. It's the wet dream of a weak man.

So I'm mostly done with my book. I'm reading Livy. He wrote 138 books on the history of Rome when he was alive in 10 or so AD, but there's only 35 of them left. I'm reading the first five, which he himself packaged as The Early History of Rome. It's all about the founding and the kings, the rise of the Republic, and ends with the occupation in 390 bc. It's all good stuff but since the records even then were rather sketchy, Livy sort of has to fill in the gaps, which can make for a dull history at times. Also, back in the day city-states were basically on a scale tilting from war to domestic political disturbance. There was no particular polical moderation. Either a patrician or a plebian. One's moderation was a sign of weakness to be exploited by the other side. I haven't gotten to the end of the book yet (it's like 450 and I'm at 410, so I'm right there), but I bet the occupation of Rome has alot to do with the plebians demanding land reform and refusing to take up a sword until its granted. In real terms this means that the mob wanted free land from the government and would refuse to go to war at times because of it.

This book is pretty good and I"ve been waiting to read it, but books XXI-XXX are gonna be great. They detail the entire second Punic War. That's the one where Hannibal the Carthaginian came over from North Africa and took on Rome. He said he was determined to stop the fate of Rome. Carthage at the time was one of the largest empires in the world and was a "metal" state. They did everything in bronze. What's more entertaining is that Hannibal used elephants in war. He had calvary too but employed about 45 elephants when he attacked Rome. Imagine that. It scared the living hell out of the Romans. There used to be a phrase "Hannibal is at the gates" to signify imminent and terrifying danger centuries after the fact.

Pliny the Elder, a contemporary of Livy around 20AD wrote that people eventually figured out how to stop elephants. It turns out Elephants are scared off by the squeal of a pig. Megara, a Greek city state awhile back, was attacked by the Parthians and a horde of elephants. So they came up with the idea of pouring oil over a few hundred pigs, lighting them on fire, and turning them loose towards the line of elephants. They ran off like it was the end of the world and ended up smashing a bunch of Parthians along the way. How would you feel if you saw a horde of flaming pigs running at you?

I did other stuff today too, I swear.

Like, for example, getting my tires rotated. Won't be wearing those things out before their time. Nope. Not me.

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there. Next entry not to be so nerdy.

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